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Providence Ranch is a full service boarding facility. Each horse is treated as our own, and we encourage owners to feel as though they are in their own back yard while spending time with their horses.

  Turn Out
is every hour of every day that the weather permits. Horses are brought in when it is cold, wet or stormy. We customize each horses living situation to suit them. If they get along well with others, each horse shares a paddock with a friend.

Horses are fed twice a day, we feed coastal square bales and Ultium feed. When the horses are in they are fed an additional lunch feeding of hay. Our senior horses are fed Equine Senior. We have had the same hay supplier for the past ten years, the hay is irrigated and fertilized keeping the quality consistent thru out the year.

Additional services for boarders include blanketing and bringing in for the farrier and veterinarian.

We can care for horses with special needs and have cared for seniors, horses with ulcers, laminitus, rehabbed lamenesses and lay ups.

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